[1984] NewAdventureSyst for the Spectrum, Fontana

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Soort boek Paperback
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New Adventure Systems for the Spectrum, Fontana (1984)
New Adventure Systems for the Spectrum, by S. Robert Speel. Uitgave Fontana Paperbacks 1984.
Afm. ca 20x13 cm, aant. pag.222. Paperback.
Het boek, in Engelse taal, bevat complete programma’s (Systems) voor spannende computerspelen.
A system is much more than a single program. Starting with a basic core program- a complete adventure game in its own right- you can build on it in short stages, adding a more sophisticated program, a new aim or a different scenario. This book makes it easy and fun to build up the games, and concentrates on a wide range of scenarios, lots of graphics, and the expandability of each game.
Content; Editor’s and Author’s introduction, The structure of an Adventure program, Preset Fantasy System, Warrior Mage System, Mapping for Programmers and players, Tribe System, Saving Memory in Adventures, Fangmole Tunnels System, Adding Graphics to Adventure Programs, Anaechic System, Index
Boek is in nieuwstaatVerpak-& verzend-kosten in NL 5,00
Kenmerken: Soort boek: Paperback, Staat: Gebruikt, Kopen in Hengelo

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