An introduction to the Hirschhorn Museum and .

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Grote foto an introduction to the hirschhorn museum and . boeken fotografie en design
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Soort boek : Paperback
Staat : Zo goed als nieuw


Geen ISBN, wel een Dewey Number: 709/​.04/​00740153
Volledig: James T. Demetrion, director - An introduction to the Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Second edition.
Uitgave: Smithsonian Institution, Washington, 1987, 2e druk. Softcover; formaat: 22 x 29,5. 72 blz.
Dit ENGELStalig boek geeft een goed overzicht van de kunstwerken in het S.I. in Washington. Heel veel reprodukties (zw-w en kleur) en afbeeldingen van schilderijen, beelden en beschrijvingen daarvan.
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EXTRA INFO: Joseph H. Hirshhorn was born in Latvia in 1899, he immigrated as an eight year old with his parents to the US. Nine years later he was working in NY as a stockbroker which would launch his career as a financier.
His curiosity about art was inspired by calendar reproductions of traditional nineteenth century Salon paintings, and before he was thirty he had made his first fortune and had begun to acquire painting by some of the artists whose work had initially motivated him in reproductions.
That first collection, conservative in nature, was supplanted by another that emphasized the French School from Renoir to Ranault. After a few years, it, too, was sold when Mr. Hirshhorn discovered that the art he found most exciting and toward which he felt the greatest empathy was the art of his own time. He did not completely ignore the art of the past, but 90 percent of what he collected was created during his lifetime.
Kenmerken: Soort boek: Paperback, Staat: Zo goed als nieuw, Kopen in Roermond

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